As I sit here at work waiting for my next client, I’m excited to be thinking that we are now going into a long weekend! The Canada Day long weekend! These later months in my pregnancy have been trying. My brain seems to always be off in la-la land. If I didn’t write everything down I’d be lost. My poor clients… I end up asking them how their day was several times in the short intervals we have together. With the majority of treatments we do, checking clients’ medications and sun exposure (especially in the summer months) is key. So here’s me on auto, “any new medications?” all day long. You can only imagine how many times that’ll come out of my mouth with ONE person. One can never be too thorough right? It is so imperative that each client isn’t taking any medication that could have an adverse reaction with any laser treatment. This is how we avoid the horror stories you hear and see on the internet when we Google everything.

Unfortunately, I fall into a category that cannot receive laser treatments at the moment. There really hasn’t been too many studies performed to see if it would harm the fetus/baby, I think really due to no one wanting to take that risk. I definitely could use some more laser hair removal in areas where it’s tricky to reach and see haha, but all in good time. I will do the best shave job I can for now! Performing laser treatments I definitely use more caution now. I have limited the length of time that I am operating the machine at a time, and keep my belly at a distance. Also, because I work with my mom she has been on top of that ensuring my laser use and exposure is limited. It’s all about the baby to come now!

Well, it’s almost time for my next client. This was a very short post :). Keep it light for the weekend!


Happy Friday xoxo Alex!

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