Over Indulging

Another weekend is upon us! I think we all can say that we definitely over indulge on our summer weekends. My usual weekends used to be much busier, hitting up local wineries, patio and BBQ hopping. But this year I’m hiding out and enjoying my home. The dog and I have been getting some extra bonding time while this tiny human brews inside of me, that’s for sure.

At this stage I am proud to say that I am 33 weeks along! Almost there! My whole experience has been what I’d like to think as a ‘text book’ pregnancy. The common morning (more like all-day) sickness for the first trimester, then feeling like I can conquer the world in the second trimester (haha ya right). Now in this final trimester, I am just more or less STARVING, mainly for cookies and ice cream. I just devoured 5 cookies as I am sitting here writing this and want MORE. Can’t win! I’ve gained 27 pounds so far, fingers crossed the cookies and ice cream will melt off after this baby comes out haha.

That being said, I think we all know what happens when we eat too much ‘garbage’. Our skin turns into a disaster! These breakouts are out of control and break my heart. All that hard work of trying to keep my skin perfect is out the window just so I can indulge in delicious treats. Well….. I’m still a girl, I have needs and am going to keep indulging! Something else had to change then. I needed to step it up with my skin care regimen. So I had this thought- there’s this theory that our skin gets used to the products we are exposing it to, so changing it up can trick our skin. However, this goes against what I always say- Once you’ve found a system that works for your skin, stick to it!

I gave it a try anyways, only by switching up my cleanser from the, Purifying Gel Cleanser by Clayton Shagal to a different line cleanser. For years I have stuck with using the, Clayton Shagal line on my face, so this was being adventurous. My new cleanser was to be, Hydro-Actif Mousse Nettoyante by La Biosthetique! It comes in a fun pump dispenser that pushes out a light foam. It lather’s very nicely on the skin and washes off easily leaving the skin not feeling too dry, tight or sticky. The reason I chose this particular cleanser was because of the foaming properties in it. I do have that ‘combination’ skin and need something that feels like it’s getting a good cleanse without being too harsh. This cleanser is designed for dry skin, but it does not have the milky residue that moisturizing cleansers tend to have for dry skin. So after testing it out on my hand, I thought why not try it out on my face . The Hydro-Actif Mousse Nettoyante, is best described as a light and airy cleansing foam with natural substances and rice proteins that cleanse the pores without dehydrating the skin. It is gentle to the skin and can be used around the eyes. hydroactif

There is an entire line that goes with this particular cleanser, but I have stuck with my other, Clayton Shagal products. It has now been approximately 5 weeks of religiously using the new cleanser and I must say my skin is loving it. My breakouts seemed to have calmed down and my skin feels clean. Now….. I’m not saying go and switch your skin care products all the time, but my skin is different right now due to the change in hormones and this seemed to work really well for me. We will see as time goes on if this was still a good change for what I needed. I’ll keep you updated!

Have the best day! xoxo Alex