Maternity So Far

It’s been a bit of time since I have last posted. So much has been going on and a month flew by, I can’t even believe it! I finished up work with my last few client’s which was very bittersweet. To be honest, I don’t think any of them wanted me working on them anyways. I didn’t make any sense, trying to hold an intelligent conversation was very trying. I hear it doesn’t get any better after baby comes, I hope this isn’t true for me! For the past few months leading up until my last days of work, I was only working maybe 4/5 hours days. My growing belly made an inguinal hernia, of which I never knew I had, very prominent. So standing for hours at a time became extremely difficult and basically created a graceful waddle when I would walk haha. Because I am pregnant, they did not want to operate until after the baby. So semi-bed rest was what the doctor ordered. Laying down whenever I can aided in relieving the pressure. Now that I am 38 weeks, where the hernia is located (my lower left groin area) it is very swollen, not a pretty site that’s for sure. I’ve read up a lot on these types of hernia’s with my biggest concern on how the birth will be affected. From what I have read in the many online forums, each woman with the same type of hernia all had successful stories. We both were concerned the pain from the hernia was really going to affect and add to the labour process. At the end of the day we cannot control Mother Nature and why stress more than we need to. I honestly feel everything works out as it should!

Before I finished work completely, a couple of weeks ago I got to experience my Maternity photo shoot! The lovely Amie, photographer and owner, of Carousel Studios located in Vernon, B.C. was a dream to work with. I let her guide me the entire way. She chose the location and has many dresses to choose from making it easier for mom’s to be. Let me tell you- it is hard to find beautiful dresses when you have a big belly sticking out in front of you. The shoot was to be at a cemetery in Vernon, that has this beautiful road driving in lined with big beautiful trees. The vision was to be more of a fairy tale. Loved loved loved it! The shoot was done mid August. Here in the Okanagan Valley it gets very hot in August and we lucked out that day. That am it was much cooler and even sprinkled a little prior to the shoot. So it allowed for the perfect setting- I basically wasn’t melting away haha. The pictures turned out like a dream, couldn’t have wished for more! Thank you Amie!


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