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Last Sunday, I had my shower! It was cutting it close to the due date but I found I was torn between having the shower after the baby is born, so everyone can meet her, or having it before her arrival. As a result of my indecisiveness (I think that’s a word haha) the date kept getting pushed and pushed then finally we came to a decision and set a date for before the baby arrives. My mom, Nicola and my Aunt put it on for me, and did they ever do a beautiful job! The walls were filled with pink and white balloons (300 to be exact) and I had some beautiful flower arrangements done by my sister-in law. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, although, I was very nervous going into the day. I’m not one to have events put on for me. I felt almost embarrassed when I sat there for an hour and a half opening baby gifts in front of all the guests. However, I love putting events on for other people and making them feel special.

One of the gifts was from three close friends, of whom are sisters, that are basically extended family for us. They gifted this basket loaded (I mean loaded) with goodies big and small for the new little one. They didn’t even leave out the red and sparkling wine for me after the birth! They know me so well… Once I was home and unloaded all the adorable gifts inside the basket, I realized I could make use of the basket and turn it into a bassinet. It is hand crafted in Vietnam and the quality is very good. 20180828_114239


I measured out the dimensions of the inside- they are 22 inches x 14 inches. The average new-born usually measures roughly around 18 inches in length, so I won’t get a long period of use with this particular size of basket, but for the first few weeks it’ll be nice to enjoy. I then had to source out a mattress that will fit inside, it couldn’t be too thick as the walls would not be very high. After searching at a few children’s stores I found a thin mattress that measured 29 inches x 14 inches for only $14.99. Very close in size and reasonably priced!


All I needed to do was cut 7 inches off the length of the inside foam. I measured 22 inches then carefully cut the one edge of the outside liner around with scissors, I then pulled back the outer liner and proceeded to carefully cut the inside foam the 7 inches I did not need. Because I kept the outer liner the same length, I was able to tuck it in and seal it with speed sew to ensure no moisture will get onto the foam.

The size of the newly made mattress is an unusual size and finding a fitted sheet was a little tricky. I ended up purchasing a change-pad sheet and it seems to fit perfectly. I do have to tuck the edges in and under in a couple of spots but it definitely does the trick.

We’ll be able to enjoy and use this as another option when she needs to have a nap and I want her close by!20180828_11473620180828_114840


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