The Best Anti-Aging Tips for your Neck

Without even knowing it, you could be adding years onto yourself! It’s a huge mistake that people make when it comes to our day to day routine. We are always so concerned about our face and how it appears. The lines around our mouths, forehead and eyes. So we are quick to take care of this first and fore most. But the dead give away on people’s age is always their neck. The skin has less fat and is much thinner here. It will show its age and gravity will tend to step in far sooner than we would like (rude!)

When I am having a consultation with clients, in the nicest way possible, I educate them on how treating their neck will have a better result and give them what they are looking for. A lot of the time people are looking at the chin area and see what we call the ‘jowls’. Yes this does age us, but in treating the neck you are actually lifting and smoothing under this area and giving a more youthful appearance. I find that the neck responds way better to treatments as well as there is less fat in this area. Treatments to aid in doing this would be Fractional, Microdneedling and there are various versions of Skin Tightening and Contouring treatments on the market. Botox is also another option that can be performed if it is suitable for the client.

But let’s prevent this! By adding to your day to day routine, you simply take your serum and moisturizer down further. Apply it all the way to your chest. I even apply on to my chest as well! In doing this you are keeping that already thinner skin more hydrated and supple. Do you exfoliate often? Exfoliate your neck then too! Now you are exposing new cells that want to absorb your serum and moisturizer better.

When you are going in for your monthly facials or Microdermabrasion treatments, get the specialist to take a look at treating your neck as well. They typically will have an add on or maybe they will just throw it in there for you. 

Another thing that you can do is if you are using retinol, glyolic acid, or receive chemical peels- apply it to your neck as well! All of these tricks will ensure that your skin is all going to age gracefully together 😉

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