Blue Seaweed Mask

I have this weird thing that I do. I crave blue things haha. Like blue colored drinks (probably so bad for me) and blue items that are scented. I’m not sure what the flavors or scents are supposed to be, because blue is not a flavor nor a scent, but for some reason I want it. I know that I am not alone in this, I’ve heard of other people out there that like blue flavors or scents too, otherwie they wouldn’t have blue as an option right?! So of course I was drawn to this mask. It’s blue! 

This clay mask is by by L’OREAL and it’s their Blue Seaweed Mask. It’s the Comforting and Unifying mask and the scent is absolutely that. It isn’t a strong scent either just a perfect balance of comfort. The texture is very silky once on the skin and has a very slight cooling sensation to it. 

You can see in the video that it covers very nicely so you do not need a lot. One container should last you some time if you only use a mask once a week. I left it on for 15 minutes and just enjoyed the scent it has to offer. Once washed off, my skin tone looked more refreshed and almost more plump. It did not leave it feeling greasy or tight just perfectly in between. It did however leave a slight perfumey scent on my face after.

If you have any sensitivities to scents I wouldn’t recommend this mask to you. Otherwise, I would say this mask is ideal for all skin types and is safe for sensitive skin (as long as you do not have a scent sensitivity). Enjoy!

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