How to Create Social Engagement

In today’s day and age we are at a time where the internet is so powerful for marketing ourselves. Social Media has become a popular tool for engaging with our clientele. But how do you stand out and not come across as a constant ad? 

This post contains affiliate links for a service that I love and use. I only use affiliate links for services that I trust and/or use.
  • Be Authentic by choosing approaches that feel genuine to you and your clinic. 
  • Consistency in your posts. Keep a flow to what you’re posting, not just posting for the sake of posting. Quality over quantity is the key!
  • Put your Logo on your pictures in the corner so your clinic name is shared with each post. There are many apps that can easily do this from our phones.
  • Maintain a Balance of more fun and informational posts to less sales posts. 
  • Video snippets of someone receiving a portion of a service are a fun way to engage with your followers. Most mobile phones nowadays have wicked cameras on them and editing apps to make a fun video with sound. More people are likely to watch videos! 
  • Contests are a great way to create social discussion and create more following, but make sure you are limiting the contest to people in your area. 
  • Quality Pictures catch the eye better than a picture just thrown together. It can be hard to be constantly creative and come up with new content. So, why not try out a stock photo website? I use one for my website, Pinterest and Instagram. It makes my life WAY easier! One that I recommend is, Styled Stock Society. They have pictures suitable for the beauty industry and day to day. Click the link for free photos!
  • Replying to Comments is an excellent way to create more engagement as well. Or, why not start a discussion in your post? Ask a question in your post for people to comment on. This gives you an opportunity to engage back. 

Of course, posting every day is another main one that you should keep on top of. But again, remember quality over quantity! 

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