Skin Refreshing Facial

It’s a new year so, I thought I’d share a refreshing facial that will brighten your complexion after the holiday season. I was editing some videos from last month and saw the bags under my eyes so I ended up trashing them unfortunately. But that then inspired me to create a facial that will help with tired dull skin! I imagine a lot of you are on the same page this time of year. We have dranken, eaten and have had too many late nights for over a month.

In this at home facial, you need your exfoliant of choice, then I used L’OREAL Blue Seaweed Clay Mask, Hydro Gel Eye Pads, then your serum and moisturizer of choice.

First off:

Start by cleansing your skin thoroughly. Next, exfoliate your skin to remove all dead skin cells. Be careful around your eye area. Cleanse off exfoliant and pat face dry. Then apply L’OREAL Blue Seaweed Clay Mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off mask completely. Next, apply the Hydro Gel Eye Pads (I used the pads by Doctor Babor). Again, leave on for 10-15 minutes. These eye pads are great before a photo shoot or if you have had many sleepless nights (like me and life with a 3 month old haha). To get an extra added effect to them, put them in the fridge for 30 minutes prior to use!

Once the eye pads have been on for up to 15 minutes, remove and massage any remaining residue left into skin in an upwards motion.

Follow with your serum and moisturizer. This facial will help to brighten your skin and give it a glow again! Enjoy!

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